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Here are a few search engine sites to help you find your way around the World Wide Web. If you are looking for even more search capabilities, try out our Mega Search page. Give it a try and expand your surfing capabilities! The Mega Search contains dozens of other useful web search engines.

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Here are a few other interesting sites:
You heard Capt.Kirk! Go to PRICELINE.COM
or (if you're a Klingon) go to PRICESCAN.COM
or try Xlator's BottomPrice shopping software.
and mySimon: "...shops thousands of stores so you don't have to!"

BotSpot - "The Spot for All Bots on the"

How about ONSALE.COM

Are you in to geneology? Try WWW.FAMILYTREEMAKER.COM
John Hopkins Health Center Windows 98/98/NT Links
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Language Translator
Acronyms Quick Reference Desk
Weights, Measures, Conversions

Free Virus Software

National Geographic
National Geographics Virtual Solar System

Texas Unclaimed Property

Netscape Unofficial FAQ

Yahoo Email and Telephone Search
Web Ferret and his kin

W.T. Block, Jr. - Nederland Historian and Author.

Governmental Links and Addresses:

The White House at
The Presidents E-mail address:
The Vice-presidents E-mail address:
The Democratic National Committee at
The Republican National Committee at
The U.S. House of Representatives at
The U.S. Senate at
The Internal Revenue Service at

American Farm Bureau Federation:
National Farmers Union:
House Agriculture Committee:
Environmental Working Group:

The Attorney General at
The Comptroller's Office at
The Texas Education Agency at www.tww.texas.govs
The General Land Office at
The Governor's Office at
The Health Department at
The House of Representatives at
The National Resource Conservation Commission at
The Parks and Wildlife Department at
The Public Utility Commission at
The Railroad Commission at
The Secretary of State at
The Senate at

'Hire Texas' a service offered by the Texas Workforce Commission

Texas State Park List:
East Texas Tourism Association:
Texas Department of Transportation's Travel Division:
National Forests fall foliage report:

Law Links:

LAW RESEARCH: Texas State Legislative

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